Thursday, February 6, 2014

So-Easy Ombre Cake Tutorial!

Or more properly named: SO-Easy, SO-Versatile Ombre Cake tutorial! 

I am so excited to share this tutorial with you. I know I ALWAYS say this but it. is. so. EASY! AND you need minimal cake tools to do it as well. :)

Not only is this cake so easy but it is SO versatile! Here we have ONE technique with endless possibilities. We have a Valentine's version, a St. Patrick's Day version (or use it for an adorable Rainbow-themed party), and a Mother's Day version. It can also be used for birthdays, bridal or baby showers too! If you have a color palette for a party you are throwing, just throw those colors in some pastry bags and follow this technique. 

I promise that you will look like a ROCK STAR at your next event. Just Imagine: "You want me to bring a cake? Sure. I'll throw something together"...then you show up with one of these babies and the confetti rains down as everyone applauds and ooohs and ahhhs. (Really! I WILL happen, I promise! Just kidding...kind of.)

Now, if you are a visual person, like me, you can watch me demonstrate this on Studio 5:

And just so ya know... Fresh flowers are ALWAYS a good idea!!

Here are the Essential tools:

1. Bench Scraper (Roughly $5) OR 2. You can pick up a dry wall scraper from any hardware store or even Walmart!
3. Pastry bags. These are sturdy and you can get the same size hole to make consistent stripe sizes.
4. Turn table (optional but VERY helpful).
5. Off set cake spatula.

Here is a little video tutoral for ya as well. Happy Baking Everyone!!!


Angela Timms said...

Hi there I have seen you on studio five now couple of times and u are so cute and your cakes are so classy and elegant and I just love them.
I am so excited to make one of these but I don't know how to make the butter cream frosting and I have tried!!
Do you have a tutorial already?
And your go to recipe for it?
Thanks Angela!

Unknown said...

Hello, Angela! I'm so sorry for the delayed response. I DO have a go-to recipe! Send an e-mail to and I will send it to you! I am planning on doing a recipe post soon.:)