Monday, November 3, 2008

The Terrible Twos'!!!

So Trevor will hit the Terrible Twos' on the 7th but we celebrated early. Here are some pics of his little party. We just had our next door neighbors over to help eat the cake and sing happy birthday. Trevor was completely thrilled that we were all singing to him. He LOVES to be the center of attention.
I had a hard time deciding what kind of cake to make for Trevor. I asked myself: "What does Trevor like??" Of course the first thought in my head was "Making messes." ..and then it hit me..."THE TERRIBLE TWOS!! It was so obvious that I'm surprised that I didn't think of it earlier. I call Trevor my Beautiful Monster. Everyday he thinks up some way to make the biggest mess possible in the shortest window of time possible. And he's too smart for his own britches so he's pretty clever at it. He's not a naughty kid...well, maybe a little, but most of it comes from me being busy, hence him being bored or wanting to get my attention. Just a few of some of his latest antics consist of lipstick all over my bathroom (he's learned how to open doors, btw), smearing syrup all over the kitchen table 3 min. before we are to leave for church, 1/2 a bottle of lotion all over my carpet within less than 1 min. , flour on the floor is always fun and so is dumping the dog's food and water all over the place. Good thing he's so dang cute and has dimples (I'm a sucker for dimples) otherwise, I would have sold him to the zoo a long time ago. But we love Trevor. Life just would not be as fun without him. He is so smart and is talking up a storm. He is quite the copycat so if he sees you do something, he can figure out how to open anything or how to work anything just by watching. He LOVES to laugh and giggle. He loves to run, wrestle and play with his family. His new love is books, just like his sister, Lizzy. He's also discovered that he really likes airplanes and stops dead in his tracks to watch when one flies overhead. He's also confiscated the neighbors scooter a couple times because he loves to ride it and he's pretty good at it! He is also such a lovey little thing. He loves to say "Sorry" and give hugs (he has to do that a lot). Like I said, we love, love, love our little Trevor-Face. Happy birthday baby!