Monday, May 5, 2008

Total Money Makeover...

Okay, I am so not one to say "this book changed my life!" It's cliche right? Well, I've got to say it...THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE! Jacob and I thought we were good with money, and then we read this book. You know that dark cloud of uncertanty and doubt that you get when you think about your bank account?? Once you read this book, it gives you hope and direction. Jacob and I are so, so excited for the future and our retirement now! It tells you how to put your money where it's going to pay off the most debt the quickest. It's simple advice that ANYONE can do weather you make $300,000 or $30,000. It's sensible advice that applies to everyone...even if you already think you are good with money. It teaches you how to pay off even that debt that is concidered "acceptable" like cars and student loans, and even your house! Jacob and I have already paid off about $10,000 in credit card and medical debtscf in just 6 months!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!! That's insane! We feel so fantastic and no longer have that looming cloud of worry and uncdertanty when it comes to money and the future. We plan to pay off Jacob's student loans and his car by the end of next year! My car is already paid for. I sold my beloved Jeep and am driving around a '98 Astro Van that we got a killer deal on a paid cash for. I am very proud to drive around my Astro Van because I don't have a payment on it and in a year or two, I can get a better car when we have enough saved up for it. Jacob even went as far as to sell his $19,000 truck and buy a very nice one for only $7,000 that gets even better gas miliage. We even had to sell it for less than we owed on it but by doing that, we still have less debt. We even re-fied our house to have a lower interest rate, pay off our principle but we still have the same payment. After the student loans and car is paid off, we will start paying our home off even more! Can you imagine?! Not even having a house payment by the time you are 45?! I'm telling you guys, GET THIS BOOK!.. and follow it! You will feel SO good. It might not be so fun at first to look at all your debt but at least you will have a plan and you will get hope again by dealing with it.
I'm taking Jacob to the Dave Ramsey Live Show in Salt Lake on the 17th. It should be a blast. I am such a fan. He really knows what he is talking about. Good luck everyone!