Thursday, August 6, 2009

CALI TRIP...finally!

So we hopped in the car and headed back home to good 'ol California for a little sunshine. The drive went well and we had a blast visiting with old friends and family. Then we spent our last 4 days there camping in Mission Bay, San Diego with Jacob's family. It was such a wonderful vacation!

While traveling down to Cali with my sister, Melissa and her gang in tow, we ran into my step-sista, Jenafer and her hubby, Dave at In 'n Out! How Random!

Water Park in Corona with Violet & Melonie after meeting up with Dottie at Violet's house.

Visiting Jacob's Grandparents. :)

Got to see Memory too!

Girl's night at my sister, Crystal's house! I even got to see my beloved Aunt Edith and Uncle James. I love listening to her stories.

We even got to meet up with Dave and Wendy for dinner!
Me and my bros. I didn't get to see John :( I should have made him come to girl's night with his wifey. Mission Bay, San Diego. Tomseth Family Reunion. :)