Thursday, July 17, 2008

Watermelon Party!

A couple of months ago, my Lizzy got it into her pretty little head that she wanted to have a 'Watermelon Party'. She started mass producing little invitations and everything all on her own. I guess I had no choice but to comply. :) We had a Watermelon Ring Toss with real watermelon rings ( I just cut out the flesh and saved the ring...Lizzy and Ryan are "wearing" them in the pictures) and we also had a Watermelon Eating Contest. The poor kid that won got a trophy and...what else?...a watermelon for his prize. He looks like he's gonna puke in the second picture on the top row! It was great. So many people showed up. I made some watermelon cupcakes, but I forgot to take a picture of them. Lizzy was thrilled. Now I can stop hearing: "Is it summertime yet so I can have my Watermelon Party?" I have been hearing that for about 3 months now! Just as I finally thought that this would be over and she would be so happy to finally have her Watermelon Party, we were at the store getting the last of the supplies needed and she exclaims, "Mom! Next time I'm gonna have a Cherry Party!"....I've created a monster!!