Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding Cake Cookies!

I really, really love sugar cookies. They are just an open canvas for art. I've been wanting to try them for a long time now and the other day I got the best excuse to do so!

My brother is getting married so in order to welcome my new sister into the family, I made these wedding cake cookies. They were so, SO fun to do. And SO easy!

I found a super yummy Sugar Cookie Recipe (that might spread a bit) from Click HERE:

For a sugar cookie recipe that for SURE won't spread (but you might have to compromise with taste) from the Make Bake Celebrate blog: Just click HERE.

For these Wedding Cake Cookies, I simply stacked two cookies together for each "tier" of the cookie cake because I wanted that height.

Then I piped some white flood-consistency royal icing in a simple circle for each "tier" of the cookie.

I used my #14 & #16 Wilton star tips and piped on two different shades of lavender royal icing in a stiffer consistency.
Finally, I used a #66 Wilton leaf tip to create the green leaves. The tips really do all the work for you!

{Don't mind my purple-stained fingers, it's a baker's life to have colored-stained hands. ;) }

You guys!! I also tried my hand at a wet-on-wet technique and it was SO fun!

 I found the BEST Youtube tutorial to help me from the amazingly talented Sweet Ambs Cookies.

 Go to to see the amazing tutorial HERE to learn how to make these sweeties.

 For the rose cookies, I simply piped a swirl with my light lavender, then put a dot of dark lavender in the center of that swirl. Then I took a toothpick and swirled it all together.
So easy, right?!

Happy cake/cookie baking everyone!