Friday, May 9, 2014

Stenciled Cupcake Medallions! {Part 1}

These are SO easy. Like I always say: "Little effort, Big impact". These will take you no time at all AND you can do them way ahead of time so that they don't add to the stress of the event that you are planning. AND they are adorable.

I love, love, love them! 

I had the absolute BEST time making these with the Lovely Brooke Walker on Studio 5!

Click HERE to see the Segment.

Here's your tutorial:

I found this stencil pack at Hobby Lobby. I it was $3.99 but if you use your coupon, you can get 40% off.
It has so many stencils! (12, to be exact)

I cut each stencil out individually...

Then I rolled my fondant...

I chose a cookie cutter from this adorable set that I also found at Hobby Lobby. :)

I chose the scalloped one because it was the best size for the cupcake. You want to keep your medallions in proportion with your cupcake. If it is too big, it will look a little silly.

Dry your medallions on a cooling rack. They will dry MUCH faster that way because of the air being able to circulate around them.

Wait until they are completely dry and then chose your favorite color mist color. This is from Wilton and you can find them at any craft store that carries cake supplies. Even Walmart carries them! It's like an airbrush a can! :)

Place your stencil FLAT on your medallion...

I usually start moving my hand before I start spraying and then just spray a light dusting. If you spray too much, it will cause your design to bleed.

CAREFULLY lift off your stencil taking care not to smudge the design because the color mist is still wet at this point.

Place those pretty little things on your home-made or store-bought cupcakes! officially look like a rock star now. ;)

Here's another option!!

I found the pink & zebra cupcake wrappers at Hobby Lobby and guess what...they are the SAME wrapper! It's reversible!

 Make sure to wipe off your stencil in between medallions!

In Part 2, I will be showing the tutorial on how to make these Metallic STAMPED Cupcake Medallions!