Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've been Tagged...

I've been tagged by my friend Michelle. Thanks Michelle..... Evidently, I have to write 10 random, weird quirky facts about myself. I'll do you one better, Michelle. I actually was challenged to write 100 things about myself just a little while ago and so here are a few that I just copied and pasted from that.

1. I've dislocated my pinkie toe about a billion times. 3 in just the past month. Ever since the first time I dislocated it, any time it hits ANYTHING, it will pop back out of place. If you know me, you will also know that I'm not the most graceful person either so this happens quite frequently. My hubby has to pop it back every time I do it.
2. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is to go out for breakfast on a Saturday.
3. I was always "Chitarah" from Thundercats when my siblings and I watched it.
4. I have really long toes and fingers.
5. I have astigmatisms in both eyes. I never wear my glasses. I used to want glasses when I was a kid because I thought they made me look cool…Oh, the irony…
6. I have one leg that's shorter than the other because my hips are tilted.
7. I want so badly to publish a children's book. I've actually got one in the works that is called: Miss Conceptions. The main character is Miss Lizzy Conceptions and she gets very confused when grown-ups keep using sayings that don't make sense such as "fork in the road". The story is about the miscommunication between adults and children and how we need to listen to each other.
8. I can't wait to go back to school to pursue Dental Hygiene. I don't understand what compels me to pursue a career that requires me to stick my hands in other people's mouths and scrape the plaque off of their teeth. I just do.
9. I love Prince songs. It's my secret shame.
10. I could spend all day watching cooking shows if I was left to my own devices.
11. Reading was my escape from reality when I was younger. I can't tell you how many hours I spent reading as a kid...
12. Chocolate is now my escape from reality. It keeps me sane.
13. This probably isn't a shocker...I obsess about cakes 24/7. An hour or two could go by while I look at cakes online to get new ideas and I wouldn't even know it. Jacob calls it my "Cake Porn". I lay in bed at night just thinking of new ideas.
14. I had ear surgery when I was about 10 due to a perforated ear drum.
15. I love pencil sharpeners…weird, I know. I can't pass by the office supply isle without picking one up.
16. I'm a sucker for children's crafts. I have to divert myself from the children's craft isle at Michael's.
17. I'm somewhat of a germaphobic. I love my antibacterial wipes and soap! I always have them with me.
18. I turn into a maniac when I start an organization project. I literally will not eat, sleep or pee until the task at hand is completed or my children start crying from hunger and boredom.
19. If I could spend $5,000 on just one item, it would be shoes. I'm crazy for a great pair of stilettos. I can't walk by the shoe department of Nordstrom's without a full bottle of Prozac. (No, I'm not on medication.)
20. I have a weakness for melted chocolate. If you give me a chocolate bar, it will end up in the microwave.
21. I love to make lists for things…anything. Shopping, packing, guest list, menu item lists, everything. If I loose one, it's okay because that means I just get to make another one.
22. If you grind your teeth or crack your neck around me, you will literally see me go into convulsions.
23. Have you ever spelled a word so badly on the computer that even the computer; the device with all the words in the English language inside of it, can't figure out what in the heck you were trying to spell?…yeah, um, me neither…
24. I can't tell you how badly I secretly want to be nominated for TLC's show called "What Not To Wear". I want Nick Arojo to work his magic on my hair!
25. The movie "Alice in Wonderland" always freaked me out as a kid. It still does, actually.
26. I'm a sucker for dimples. I wish I had them!
27. I have the uncanny ability to be able to see a face on television and name which show or commercial I have seen them on before. My husband has lost $100.00 in bets on this little talent of mine. He has since learned not to bet me anymore.
28. My husband says that I'm horrible with directions but I say I'm fabulous!
29. I love my feet. Especially when I get a pedicure.
30. I'm the queen of re-inventing leftovers.
31. I could never stand the movie "Never Ending Story". I think it's title is very appropriate and self explanatory.
32. I've always been afraid of caffeine thanks to an 8th grade teacher that couldn't function without a constant can of diet coke and cup of coffee on her desk. I never wanted to live like that.
33. I have at least 7 different types of cheeses in my fridge at all times. No kidding! Here's a list of what's in there now: Cheddar, Pepper jack, Provolone, Swiss, Cream cheese, Feta, an Italian blend of Asiago, Romano & Parmesan, String Cheese, and Mozzarella. I'm a fan; so what!
34. If I had no self control, I would walk around the house with a spoonful of peanut butter all day long. I LOVE peanut butter!
35. I can't get enough bologna sandwiches (on white bread! Gasp!) when I'm pregnant. Disgusting; I know. I have to have it with a side of Cheetos too. How horrible, huh?
36. I probably ate at least 2 eggs on average every day when I was pregnant with Trevor. I HAD to have my eggs! An egg sandwich was my favorite way to eat them.
37. I use the words: like, dude and totally way too much. I stick out like a sore Californian thumb here in Utah. Even Jacob makes fun of me sometimes.

I'm sure some of you have done this already but I tag: Violet, Emily, Wendy, Shelly, Cari, Joanna, Melinda, Shalece, Erin, Katie. Fun blogging everyone! See if you can beat my 37!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Healthy Living...

So, I've gotten a lot of comments and questions lately about how to stay thin. First of all...I'm flattered but I'm not really that thin people!! I think the latest pics of me were just deceiving. I've still actually got about 8 more pounds to go to be "skinny" in my eyes.

But...I am healthy. I'll give myself that. I've become very passionate about healthy living. Baby number three was hard for me to kick the weight. Like I said, I've still got 8 more pounds to go. I think the key is to really change your lifestyle and then you have to do it for a long time before it comes naturally. You HAVE to learn to enjoy it and not dread it. It wasn't until 2005 that I finally "got it". I had been on every fad diet known to man since I was 14. I had major eating issues growing up and I finally just stopped dieting and learned how to eat.So here are some tips that I've shared with other people: I'm sure it's nothing you haven't heard before...

1. I guess I just eat small portions. If it's meat or starch, I just have a palm-full of it.

2. I fill up on veggies (which I LOVE). I have at LEAST 4 servings of veggies every day. Frozen vegetables are the best invention ever. They are microwavable so they are super easy and fast to do. Just add some salt and pepper! They are also flash frozen at the peak of their nutrients so they are super healthy too. My kids love them. So are canned tomatoes! They are full of so many healthy vitamins. I'm a huge tomato fan.

3. I never eat fast food. (it's too expensive anyway) It actually makes me feel slow and sick when I do eat it. Once you've been eating healthy for a while, you will start to not be able to tolerate those kinds of foods anymore. You'll notice your body reacting to them differently. If you do need to eat food on the run, there are actually lots of healthy alternatives on fast food menus now, namely salads. Just watch the dressing...

4. I keep a pre-packaged and pre-washed salad mix in my fridge at all times for easy, fast lunches. I usually get the spring mix. The darker the green, the healthier it is for you. Throw a little handful of crasins and a cut-up apple along with fetta cheese and a little seasame seed dressing and it makes an amazing lunch. If I have left-over chicken from the night before, I throw that in there too. If my kidos are having dino-bites for lunch, I'll cut up two of them, boil an egg and grab some of the peas and corn they are eating and throw them in my salad too for a cobb salad. Just watch the Ranch dressing.

5. I rarely ever eat bread and if I do, it's either whole grain or a small serving of it. I really don't crave it that much any more. It's not worth the calories.

6. I really watch what I drink...I've forced myself to love water. It took a while but I love it now. It really is the best thing possible for your body. I usually always grab a water bottle when I'm running around town to make sure I get my daily intake in. Keep water bottles in the fridge! You are more likely to drink it if it's cold. I don't really like soda. It's not good for you anyway and so not worth the calories. If I do crave a soda, I'll drink it once in a blue moon but I'll only drink it if it's diet. (By the way...even if it is diet, it's still not good for you.) Crystal Light is good too if you can't stand water. Wal-Mart has some really good generic brand flavors with no calories. My only device is Sangria (the non-alcoholic kind, of course!) I'll drink it once in a VERY blue moon. Maybe once every month and a half. You can cut so many calories a day by just watching what you really is amazing.

7. I eat lots of fish. Especially salmon. It's wonderful for your skin and has so many powerful nutrients in it.

8. I don't deprive myself of sweets either. I just have to tell myself to wait and eat it until the appointed time. I also don't deprive myself when I go to a party or something where there are yummy sweets and eats. I dig right in, but in small portions. How often do you go to parties anyway? I allow myself a small dessert every night(nothing over 150 calories. I try and keep it between 100 and 150.) and I usually have a Hershey kiss or small candy during the day, after lunch. I end up binging if I feel deprived.

9. Here's a big one: Between 3:00 and dinner time, I try and keep myself super busy because that is the most horrible craving time of the day for me and usually that's when I grab for something sweet. I HAVE to have a small snack of fruit or something or I binge on sweets. If I still feel hungry after having a snack, I tell myself: "Just wait until dinner! You will be so happy you did.". Also, those hunger pains tell me that I'm loosing weight. They probably aren't hunger pains anyway, just cravings. I appreciate my dinner so much more this way... :)

10. The biggest thing for me is to REALLY appreciate the food that I do eat. I appreciate the colors, smells, textures, everything about it. I've become somewhat of a food snob. I LOVE food. It's become my friend and hobby instead of my enemy. It has to be fantastic for me to eat it. I don't eat crappy chocolate or eat my kid's mac 'n cheese. It's not worth it. My grocery bill has gone up a tiny bit, with all the produce but it's worth it to stay healthy and to teach my kids healthy eating habits too.

11. I've gotten very addicted to cooking shows and have become strangely fascinated with how food cooks, how it reacts to other foods, the different flavors, different colors. I love trying new recipes. By the way...stay away from watching Paula Deen! She has great recipes but there is a pound of butter in each one! You can watch the shows to get tips on how to cook different foods and then start experimenting with stuff yourself. All the recipes are on Add things to them, take stuff that you don't like out of them. I alter every recipe I get off of the Foodnetwork website - just so I can say it's "my recipe". :) I have a ton of yummy, healthy recipes that I can share with you all. I will make sure to post them little by little. It takes a while to type them up because I never measure anything and I have to remember what I put in each recipie. :)

12. I also run. I was just speed walking because of my knee but I got a brace and I've actually got up to running now on my treadmill. I watch my cooking shows while I run...good motivation huh? If I had to do it outside with 3 kids to bundle up, I would never do it. I LOVE my treadmill. Well worth the investment tword my health. You can find cheap ones at Wal-Mart. Usually I'll do 2 miles at least 3 times a week. I used to NEVER run before but once I did, I can't go more than a couple days without craving it. I started VERY slowly. 10 min. a day then worked myself up from there. I asked for a treadmill at the end of 2004 for my birthday/Christmas. (I told my husband that I needed to follow the word of wisdom :) He seriously doubted that I would use it but I totally proved him wrong! I use it ALL the time. You have to get good running shoes too though. It really is so much harder on you if you don't have good running shoes. You have to go to a running store to get them and they cost about $90.00 but they are VERY worth the investment. I had back problems and would always get shin splints, then my chiropractor told me I needed better shoes. They made a WORLD of difference. -You also need to streach really well before working out. Running is so much better on your body if you've streached first. I also have a Denise Austin "Shrink your female fat zones" video that I love. It helps me feel stretched out and lean. It's only 20 min. and only $13.00. (Plus the two 5 lb. weights that you need.) I do it in between running days. I've actually completed 2 5Ks since I started running and plan to do some more in the spring. That is a huge accomplishment for someone that used to HATE to excersize. I never thought I would get to this place.

13. When you play with your kids at the park or at home...really play hard! Run around, chase them, let them chase you, play on the jungle gym. Your kids will LOVE it, they will be ready for a nap, you have burned tons of calories...everybody is happy.

14. One thing I'm really trying to stick to but not doing a very good job at is not eating past 7:45. I heard it does miracles and I know if I followed that rule, I would loose the weight instantly. I'm trying... Your body just absorbs everything instead of trying to work it off after that time because that's when I just want to sit around with my hubby.

15. Another weird tip that really does work...brush your teeth after everything you eat or when you crave something you shouldn't eat. If you've got that mint taste in your mouth, you are less likely to finish your kid's lunches and just mindlessly pop stuff in your mouth.

16. Just remember...moderation in all things! You can eat it, just wait until the right time. If you mess up, just jump back on the healthy band wagon.

Once you eat healthy and excersize for a while and change your habits, your body will feel stronger, your hormones will stay in check, your skin will look better. It's how our bodies should be. This world has gotten so into fast food and huge portions. It's so not healthy. Don't go overboard either. Make sure you are getting at LEAST 900 (healthy) calories a day. Anything below that is unhealthy.

I hope these tips work for you guys. Stiving to be healthy instead of skinny really is the best way to live. Now that I've got the healthy part down, I can work on the skinny by upping my running time and not eating past 7:45.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little cake for a little boy...

It was my friend's little boy's 1st birthday so I made him a little 6 inch cake. He is the cutest little thing ever. The teddy bear was fun to make out of fondant.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I left my heart in California...

This past weekend Jacob and I took a trip to Cali since we were alredy half way there when we were in St. George for Jacob's business trip. It's always very bitter sweet going down there. I love to see my sisters and love to be back in Temecula but it breaks my heart when I have to leave. It gets worse every time. I need to move back there. Jacob and I had a serious talk on the way home about moving back. I think I've slipped into a depression here in Utah. I have zero motivation to do anything up here. It's just not home. I can't figure it out either. There is no reason that I shouldn't be happy here. I have a beautiful home, amazing friends and an awesome town. But it's not home... Driving down the streets of Temecula I kept thinking..."This is pure Heaven." I have so many great memories and so much close family and friends down there. It was 73 degrees the entire time! I am truly a California girl. I want to move back more than anything in the world. Jacob and I are going to make a game plan for moving back when he gets back from St. George. It will probably take a couple years since we have to wait for the housing market to drop some more. It's on it's way down right now. By then we will be able to sell our home and he can look into getting a job down there. I just have to keep positive until then...

My beautiful sisters...well, most of them.We are missing 4.

At brunch with my best girlfriends!

Lizzy and her Auntie Violet

My beautiful sister in law, lovely

My hot hubby and me. Notice the new do thanks to my awesome sister in law, Camie. Thanks, Cam!

Friday, January 18, 2008

How fun..

So every month the girls and I get together for an evening of dinner and a game of BUNCO. So fun. We all look forward to it every time. This month was my night to host. I went with the "Girls Night Out theme". We had a menu of "chick food" (as Jacob calls it) that consisted of soup in bread bowls, salad, cheese and crackers, shrimp, and fun pink and black cupcakes (which I forgot to take pics of...darn it... :( Instead of paying $6.50 a month for prizes, we just purchase the prizes when it is our night to host. For prizes, I got a gift certificate from a super cute shoe store in the mall (of course!), a gift certificate for a pedicure, movie tickets for a "chick flick" and a Mary Kay eye make-up remover, mascara and eyeliner package. For the tables, I had black tablecloths, pink plates, little shopping bag place savers filled with chocolate and a nail file along with martini glasses in the middle filled with yummy chocolate. So fun. Everyone should have a girls night out once in a while...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A little blogging game...

So...a little blogging game...This one involves getting free stuff. I got this off Katie's blog. She owes me a handmade gift. The first three people to leave a comment on my blog will receive a handmade gift from me. You will not get it tomorrow and probably not even next week, but you'll get it within the year. Here's the catch...if you want to get free stuff, you have to pay it forward and make the same promise on your blog. (You must have a blog to participate.) So if you want to get something from me, you have to give to three people. Who's it gonna be? Since I'm not the crafty type (unless you are in the area and want a cake...) here's what I'm offering...You can send me a cd or e-mail me a bunch of your photos and some song requests(from a fun trip, birthday party or whatever...) and I can make you a fun video of it so that you can watch it from time to time instead of opening a scrap book.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

St. George is great...

So we are up in St. George on a business trip with Daddy. Ryan loves going to the job site with his Dad and we are having a great time hanging out in the hotel, going to the pool, using the gym and going out to dinner. Yeah! A whole 2 weeks without cleaning, cooking or doing dishes! We even saw the St. George temple. It was gorgeous. I'm sure there will be more to come. (It's raining now so I'm couped up in the hotel. I'll be online a lot...) If all goes well, we might even be able to visit Cali for about 5 days or so. We'll have to see how Jacob's job is going though.

For Namma...

Here is Lizzy opening her present from you. She loved it & loved wearing it to her party. Thanks Namma.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I can't believe she's 5 !!!

Lizzy had a birthday so that means birthday cake, of course! This one is acutally out of fondant (but of course, I don't like the taste of fondant, so I iced it normally underneath.) Jacob is my "muscle" and kneeded and rolled out all the fondant for me. (It was Wilton Fondant so it was hard to roll out, of course) Everything except for the pearls at the bottom of her skirt and the "sea weed" behind her is edible. Lizzy & I had fun making all the shells and flowers the night before out of gumpaste and then painted them with food coloring. I think the clam with the pearl was her favorite. Anyway, hope you enjoy the cake pics Brittany. Lizzy loved it.

Daddy took the day off of work to be with Lizzy on her birthday. We started the day with the traditional "Blueberry Bannana Pancakes", then gave her a new bike complete with a basket and streamers. After that, she went to Wal-Mart to pick out the Barbie for her cake. We also rented the "Barbie Island Princess" movie (from wich the cake was inspired) and came home and watched that together. She helped me finish decorating the cake then we went to Wal-Mart again because we forgot the graham crackers (to smash and put around the cake as sand) and stopped of at McDonalds for a birthday lunch. She then took a very long, very late nap so she could stay up for the New Year's Eve party that we were going to later that night. We got up, got ready in her new birthday dress from Namma and took the cake with us. She had a blast with all her friends and we got to sing Happy Birthday to her. She told me this morning that she "loved her Birthday." Thanks so much everyone for all the birthday wishes and Birthday cards!