Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Brother, The Inventor

I am so proud of my family. They are my best friends. They are all amazingly talented. Here is just one example that I want to brag about:
My brother, Doug was named Top Inventor of the year 2008 in a company called Luminex, which he works for. This is actually the second time that he has received this very prestigious award. He also won it in 2006. He works with genetic testing and this is what he did:

"I invented a new method that allows DNA to be snapped closed so
that it will pop open ONLY when viruses are present in the patient sample – allowing for detection of the specific diseases.This invention brings us closer to the goal of providing tests to doctors that can indicate (within an hour) what disease their patients have.
It seems silly at times to claim these ideas as our own when they are only given to us to benefit mankind. I can personally attest the influence from the source of all knowledge above." -Doug