Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My brother, Steven came home from his mission in Montatna. It was so fun. We actually got ot meet him right at the gate thanks to my neighbor who is a Sargent at the SLC airport. It was awesome. He was so suprised. The poor Elders that were coming off the plane with him were a little confused and started looking around for their parents as well. It was kinda sad. My sister, Melissa and her kids came up to see him come home and stay for Thanksgiving. It was such an awsome weekend. The second collage is when we all came back to my house for a yummy breakfast of gingerbread waffles and bacon...and cake. The little sign that is on his cake is an exact replica of the sign that my neices and nephew made to take to the airport. (I have edible markers and cut out a piece of fondant ahead of time to look like a posterboard then duplicated all of their artwork). It was a great day. I was so excited to have him back.
Anyone have any sisters that I can set him up with? He's the most awsome guy I know.