Monday, April 23, 2012

My baby is 2!!

I swore I would not be "one of those parents" that babied thier baby....Well. I've learned that you just can't help it. My sweet, sweet baby girl turned 2 on Saturday. She is so lovely and beautiful, and sweet and sassy and everything wonderful to me. Sometimes I can't even STAND how cute she is. I litteraly get choked up sometimes when I look at her. I can only imagine what she will grow up to be. I love, love, love her.

I just had to show a close up because I can't even STAND how cute those little teeth are?! Seriously...

A big "Thank You" to Namma for this super fun present. :) She's obsessed with these things!

Oh my goodness, those eyes!

She's obsessed with baby dolls right now. She got this one for her birthdayl She is the sweetest little Mamma you will ever meet. :)

 On her fun day, she had NO idea why everyone was making such a fuss over her. These crazy people in her family started singing every version of "Happy Birthday" imaginable all day long, handed her a bunch of balloons, shoved a bunch of toys in her face, sang more "Happy Birthday" songs, lit some cupcakes on fire and then forced her to eat them. I'm sure the whole thing was very bizzare to her but she loved it anyway. :)

Eating her birthday pancakes. :)

I just love this picture of her pretty little silouette lit up by the candles.

Blowing out the candles. Daddy had to help a little bit..

"Bite the cake!"

I loved her face when she opened this. She loved the creepy open and shut eyes. :)