Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lizzy's Baptism

(WARNING: Lots of pictures. :)
My beautiful, sweet, loving, empethetic, unselfish not-so-little-girl got baptised on January 22nd. She was so excited.
I must tell you a little story about why she looks so beautiful in her baptism jumper... When she was being interviewed by her Primary President (along with 2 other girls) the Primary President had two baptism dresses availiable and one baptism jumper. Now, with three little girls getting baptised on the same day, only having two dresses might pose a problem. The Primary President asked who would like a dress and immedietly, Lizzy's hand went up and she asked "Oh, may I PLEASE have a dress??!!" (She REALLY wanted a dress.) We held the dresses up to the girls to see which girls they would fit then I put the dress back on the table because I didn't want to just take it. One other girl got a dress because it was long and she was the tallest. The Primary President then handed the second dress to Lizzy while she was talking and the third girl started to silently cry because she knew that she would have to wear the jumper. Lizzy noticed her crying and simply said (and remember...she REALLY wanted that dress!): "Oh...well, she can have the dress." Just like that! It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I got choked up and it was all I could do not to cry. I explained to her in the car on the way home what a wonderful thing that was for her to do and she just shrugged and responded: "Well, I just wanted her to have a special Baptism Day." She was not trying to fish for praise or recognition. She just genuinely wanted her to have a special day and was not concerned about having her own special day. The Primary President called me later to see if I would like her to call around and try and find another dress from another Primary President but I told her not to because I knew that Lizzy would look the most beautiful in the jumper that she chose. What an example she is to me.
Of course a party with the best family and friends followed and we all had a very, very special day. ;)
Here are some shots from the Baptism Photo Shoot I did with her and then there are some pics of the fun get-together afterwards. ;)