Sunday, December 7, 2008

Glenn Beck!!

Jacob and I are Glenn Beck fans. If you don't know who he is: he is a Mormon convert and he has a political conservative talk show on the radio (syndicated out of New York) and he also has a political conservative talk show that will soon be airing on Fox. He has just written another book called "The Christmas Sweater" and it is FABULOUS!!!! I balled through half of it and laughed through the other half. I couldn't put it down until I had read all 287 pages that same day. It is an amazing inspirational story based on his true-life events and experiences (no politics). If you don't have it...get it! We got ours at Deseret Book. The book-signing tour came right to our local mall! The only place in Utah on the tour! I was so excited and so I took Jacob there as a surprise. We got there and I said "Guess What?! You are gonna meet Glenn Beck today!" He had not been listening to the radio lately so he had no idea about it. He loved it. He was very nice and sincere as we shook his hand and said hello. We had to take pictures from the sidelines so here you go.