Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 year Photo shoot

Alice is turning 1!! I can't believe it. I don't {WANT} to believe it.
Let me tell you a little bit about this thing:

She's an absolute {DIVA}.

She will {TELL} you if she doesn't like how you conduct business. ;)

She completely rules the house...and our {HEARTS}.


She is {DOTED} on by all she meets.

She has an infectious, toothless, One-dimpled {SMILE} that brightens up the room.

She {ADORES} her siblings.

{No one can make her giggle like Trevor}

She {LOVES} to {DANCE}. Any time, any place.

Daddy is her {FAVORITE}

She would eat {BANANAS} for every meal if she could.

We have had one year of pure, {SWEET} joy

She is just...{LOVELY}

This is seriously the messiest I could get her! She's such a Miss Priss.

She's learning to walk!

Don't you just LOVE the drool??!

She reeeeealy loved that spoon. ;)

The "Diva" face. It's totally fake...Don't give in.

Right after this shot, she cried because her hands were messy...Told ya. Miss Priss.


My FAV shot.

*A special thank you to my wonderful brother, Scott for recovering these from my corrupted memory card!!

*And a very special thank you to the lovely, amazingly talented, Crystal for not only editing these pictures for me but for putting together this BEAUTIFUL invitation. You are phenomenal. Go to: to see her {BEAUTIFUL} photography!