Sunday, December 2, 2007


What a fun day we had sledding! We love it when it just dumps snow and then the sun comes out! We found a really cool hill nearby and had a blast! Afterwards, we went home, had hot chocolate and took naps!

A little vent...Probably not for children...

I HAVE THE WORST NEIGHBORS IN THE WORLD!!! You would think that when you move into a nice neighborhood, you would have decent nieghbors...NO! My neighbors across the street (the one's with the pitbulls and the drinking and the loud parties) have horrible children that drive everyone nuts because they don't dicipline them.

Today, I came home from church to find a lovely message scribbled in the snow on my front lawn that read: B*&%$# in HUGE letters. I have been NOTHING but kind to these neighbors and this is what I get! I don't understand. I am the ONLY person on my street that will even talk to these people, wave hello and give them vegetables from my garden and this is how I am treated... I called the boys over (because they were standing right there on the corner...idiots...) I walked my neighbor boy home to tell his mother, and her response (from her blank face) was "Oh, okay..." She told her boy to get inside and shut the door! That was it!! No aplogy or anything! I am so livid right now! Anyway...thanks for letting me vent...

All my other neighbors are wonderful, by the way, and we have a great time together. But I guess it only takes one to make your life miserable!