Monday, July 12, 2010

Ali's Blessing Day

So I copied my sister, Crystal and had a video running while we enjoyed brunch. It was such a beautiful blessing and a beautiful day filled with good food and family. A HUGE thank you to Mom Tomseth, Lia and Tiani, Angela and Emily for helping getting everything set up and ready to go!! OH! And a HUGE, HUGE thank you to my sis, Rebecca for the AMAZING, GORGEOUS blessing dress! It was all Silk with hand beading and hand done ribbon roses and french knots on the lapel!! She even sewed on buttons from my Great-Great Grandma Ardis' button collection!! It was perfection. She is so talented! The first half of the video was what was playing (I took some pics of her in her blessing dress before-hand) and then I added pics of the actual blessing day to it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spring Fling

Every year, at the end of the school year, the kids put on a "Spring Fling" at school. It's always fun to go and watch. Lizzy prepped me by telling me that she was "really good" at her dance...and she was. ;) Ryan cracked me up because he was trying SO hard to get under that Dragon!