Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm finally blogging about the cruise that Jacob and I took at the end of September.
Jacob and I took a 5 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean. We went to San Diego, Catalina and Ensenada, Mexico. I still can't get over how fun it was. When I say "Jacob and I" I really mean Jacob, and I AND 14 of our closest friends! 8 couples from our neighborhood (16 people in all!) all decided to go together and it could not have been more fun. If you are going to go on a cruise, go with makes for some awesome times!

Day 1:
Day one consisted of flying to L.A., Hitting In-N-Out (of course), getting on the boat, playing basket ball and ping-pong and then settling in for the fantastic food at dinner time while we set sail. Here's a pic of all of our "Happy Cruise Faces" when we got on the ship.

Day 2:
On day 2 we ported in beautiful San Diego. Of course I've been there many times but one thing that I always wanted to do was go Kayaking in La Jolla Cove. This was SO much fun!! I highly suggest doing it for all of you that still live there! We took our snorkel gear and underwater camera with us. And the best part...WE SWAM WITH SHARKS!! Okay, so they were just harmless leopard sharks that swam away when you got too close but they were still 3 to 5 feet long! SO FUN! We even saw a ton of seals and sea lions just relaxing and playing on a rock. Two other couples joined us while the rest of the group went to do sealings at the San Diego temple.

These are the sharks we saw... (kinda merky water and a bad underwater camera) Can you see him?
This is what a leapord shark really looks like...

We got back on the boat where we got ready for the Formal dinner (again, so fun), then headed off to go rock climbing on the top deck.
The funniest part of this day was when Jacob and I got picked to be part of the Newlywed Game on the ship. They picked the couple that had been married the longest, the couple that had been married the shortest amount of time and then they picked us. To get on the show, they told us that the girl had to say: "Tarzan, Tarzan you're my man! Take me to the stage" and the man had to do the Tarzan yell. A ton of couples stood to compete. A couple of people did it but they were nervous. When they got to us, I stood on my chair and in a super dramatic fashion, said my line. Then (without consulting me) Jacob threw me over his shoulder to do his yell. The audience erupted and all the other competitors sat down. It was a fun game and we totally won! We were even given a DVD of it. Day 3:
CATALINA!! We all rented bikes and cruised the island. Then we found this awesome beach that no one else was at and hung out. We then got back on our bikes and headed off to find some lunch (pineapple hot dogs...yum!) then went to Lover's Cove for the best snorkeling ever. TONS and tons of fish! In fact...too many fish. For some reason, when I got in the water (it must have been my bright yellow bathing suit) the fish literally SWARMED me! I'm talking about hundreds of fish! I would swim away and when I turned around, they all turned at the same time to look at me with their fish eyes! Talk about creepy!! Seriously eerie people....that's when I got out.
Then we got back to the boat for yet another night of Karaoke and yummy food. The tall guy that Kris and I are taking a picture with is Daryl. The funnest cruise entertainers ever. We totally wanted to take him home and go shopping, get our nails done and just have such a fun girls night! We LOVED Daryl.
Then of course, our usual late night pizza and games. Oh, and if you are wondering why Jacob is wearing that hidious mullet wig, it's because we all gave eachother "Dares" before we went. Jacob's dare was to wear this wig at dinner. He took it to a whole new level when he borrowed my friend's tank top, donned the mullet and did a rendition of "I feel like making Love" at Karaoke that night. Leave it to Jacob to never do anything low key...
Day 4:

Ensenada!! Fantastic tacos, two of the funniest tour guides (we called one of them Knoxville because he TOTALLY looked like Johnny Knoxville) and some fun shopping. Plus, the beach was waist deep like 1/2 a mile out. We loved our tour guides. Then back on the ship for dinner again and a scavenger hunt in which we all took 3rd. (Some other people cheated.) This game had us all rolling! The same night, we also all competed in the game"Finish the Lyric" where we totally took gold. I swear, people thought we were drunk on that cruise because we were all having so much fun.

Day 5:
Going home... You would think this would be a sad thing but really, we all had such a good time and left feeling fulfilled. We were all so excited to see our kids again and couldn't wait to get home so we could share stories about the trip that we just took. Since we checked out of the ship in the morning, and a lot of us had the same flight home, we went to the mall, went to the movies to see "Eagle Eye" (very good, btw) and went to dinner.
Oh! Guess who was on our flight home?! KATHERINE HEIGEL!! Yup, Katherine Heigel was on our flight! (Why she was flying Jet Blue was a mystery to me but whatever...) Just a bit before we noticed her, my friend held up a magazine and said, "Hey, isn't she Mormon?" (She was baptized as a teenager but obviously isn't active anymore.) I looked over my shoulder and there she was...just sitting, reading a book in the back trying to be inconspicuous. My friend took a quick Paparazzi shot before she really got noticed and people started swarming her.
What a fun trip. So many amazing memories were made and close friendships were made even closer. Fun, fun!