Saturday, January 19, 2008

I left my heart in California...

This past weekend Jacob and I took a trip to Cali since we were alredy half way there when we were in St. George for Jacob's business trip. It's always very bitter sweet going down there. I love to see my sisters and love to be back in Temecula but it breaks my heart when I have to leave. It gets worse every time. I need to move back there. Jacob and I had a serious talk on the way home about moving back. I think I've slipped into a depression here in Utah. I have zero motivation to do anything up here. It's just not home. I can't figure it out either. There is no reason that I shouldn't be happy here. I have a beautiful home, amazing friends and an awesome town. But it's not home... Driving down the streets of Temecula I kept thinking..."This is pure Heaven." I have so many great memories and so much close family and friends down there. It was 73 degrees the entire time! I am truly a California girl. I want to move back more than anything in the world. Jacob and I are going to make a game plan for moving back when he gets back from St. George. It will probably take a couple years since we have to wait for the housing market to drop some more. It's on it's way down right now. By then we will be able to sell our home and he can look into getting a job down there. I just have to keep positive until then...

My beautiful sisters...well, most of them.We are missing 4.

At brunch with my best girlfriends!

Lizzy and her Auntie Violet

My beautiful sister in law, lovely

My hot hubby and me. Notice the new do thanks to my awesome sister in law, Camie. Thanks, Cam!