Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lizzy's 9th B-day & Photo shoot

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet Lizzy Elizabeth. By the way, she prefers to be called "Elizabeth" now because she's so grown up. :) She turned 9 back on New Year's Eve. NINE! I can't get over that number. I think I may have a heart attack when she gets in the two-digits next year. She loves every bit of growing up but somehow manages to retain her lovely, sweet, inocence. She is so tender and caring of her friends and loves to explore, read and play with others. She amazes me every day and is getting quite the sence of humor, which I love. Here are bits of her super fun day. :)
It's not a "Shopping" birthday without a shopping bag birthday cake. :) Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the rest of the cake and her super fun photo shoot.

Still had the Christmas lights up on the pot rack so we added crete paper and balloons to suprise her and make her feel special when she woke up to her pancakes in the morning. :)

Another suprise that she woke up to. :)

Birthday tradition...Pancakes in the shapes of thier choosing.

So yummy with some homemade strawberry whipped creme.

Evidently, 'Justice' is the place to shop for 9 year-olds. :) All she wanted to do was go shopping for her b-day. {A girl after my own heart.}

More shopping...

Going out to lunch. Chinese, of course. :)

Making her wish. This is the sweet, inocent side of Lizzy Elizabeth that I was talking about. I hope she keeps that hope with her all her life.

"Bite. The. Cake!!!"

Movie night with the girls. Monte Carlo was the movie of choice.

Of course a photo shoot was in order. I was so excited to test out my new 35mm lens and create a new logo. I decided to go with the name 'Ali Lou Photography'; a combination of my two daughter's names. They are everything beautiful and lovely to me. (One of Lizzy's nicknames is Lizzy-Lou)
 I love to take photos of the kids every year around their birthday and incorporate whatever it is that they are interested that year. This year, we did a rock-star theme. While we were shopping, Lizzy just about died over this shirt. It was very much her style. When I held up this faux leather rocker jacket, she could hardly contain herself.

Oh my gosh I love this girl! Lemme tell ya, this was the funnest photoshoot I've ever done. We rocked out to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Rock on, Lizzy. {I know, I know. This sign really means "I love you" but I couldn't correct her because it was too cute}


This one just cracks me up. She's really into the song. haha.

Love me some black and whites. :)

This is her 'sassy face'.

More sassiness.

There's my sweet girl.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy Belated Valentine's Day. :) I didn't get my computer back to be able to edit this photo until just recently but these pretty pears were too cute not to share. I found them in the grocery store on V-Day and just had to stage a photo with them. :)