Monday, April 1, 2013

Final Basement Reveal!

Here it is. The finalized basement reveal! Just in time for us to sell our home. There are lots of things to be excited about in this move because we are building our own home but I can't say that I am not just a little heart-broken to be leaving the home that I've raised my babies in and put so much effort into making this house into a home. 

Once again: Before: 


 This "cabinet" is actually a murphy bed that my amazing hubby built. Scroll down to see a closer look of it.
 Kid's Corner and the craftrooms.
 Kid's corner and bookshelf. this...!!
It opens up into a secret storage room!!
 Here's the Murphy bed I was telling you about.
 PERFECT for company! It completely eliminates the need for a guest room.
 Downstairs bath
 Lizzy's room downstairs. The thing about having a room in the basement is that you get to have a secret clubhouse with a dutch door that goes under the stairs. ;)

Here is the craftroom/s again but if you want to see better pics, click here.

While we are at it, let's just look at the rest of the house as well...Here's the upstairs.

My hubby loves me so much that he built me this potrack. It's one of my favorite things...ever!

Master Bedroom

 Master Bath

My daughter's Nursery was featured on Studio 5 here. We have since taken out the crib and added a toddler bed.

 Boy's Room

Upstairs bath