Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ryan turns 5...and joins the Circus!!

My little boy is 5! I know this sounds cliche but time really does FLY and get away from you. This little guy is so sweet. For his birthday, he wanted a "Mario" cake so this is what I came up with. Ryan loved it. We started the day by having our traditional birthday breakfast of blueberry, bannana birthday pancakes (in the shape of the first letter of their name and the age they are turning) then, we had our traditional birthday lunch at McDonalds where the kids all get to get a happy meal. He was pretty excited about this. We brought along Ryan's best friend, Jason. That kid is hillarious and so sweet.

It just so happened that the CIRCUS was in town that weekend!!! How increadible is that?! We even got free tickets for the kids! They had Elephants that could dance, The ball of death where 3 motercycles spun around in at the same time! (this was Ryan's favorite part), dancing poodles, pony rides, Some guy that did a handstand on like, 10 stacked chairs, Airialists (this was my favorite part), Lions, Tigers and Bears!!!! OH MY! It was an amazing show and they did not dissapoint.

After the circus, we went home and had pizza (Ryan's favorite) and invited Jason's family over for some cake.

Phew!...what a super fun day!
Dear Ryan,
You really do bring such a sweet light into our lives. You love to help. You love to be "awesome" and "cool". You LOVE video games...thanks to your father! You are so smart. You love to figure out how things work. You LOVE to learn. You can retain anything that you are taught. You are so excited to be enrolled into the Chinese Immerssion program at your school. You love to be outside and be active. You are so social. You love to play with your friends. You are a sweet, sweet boy who loves to give mommy hugs and kisses. You love it when I sing you your bedtime song. I will be so sad when the day comes that you will get to "big" for that. You love to be big and help your little brother. Trevor really does want to be like you and do everything that you do. I love to call you "Captain Awesome" but you get embarrased when I do. You talk so much now. It's so funny to listen to you chat away at the dinner table. You idolize you daddy...as you should. He is such a good man. Your favorite thing in the world is to wrestle with daddy. You love when he comes home from work.
You already have a deep love for Jesus Christ and love to do things that will please him. You love to read the scriptures and learn about the characters and warriors in the book of Mormon.
I love you with everything that I have my little Ry-Guy.