Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gelatin Bubbles!!

Did you ever imagine that you could look like a Rock-Star-Status Sugar-Artist? Well guess what? You totally can! Instead of buying all the equipment and then burning your fingers, let's just use gelatin to achieve a similar look, okay? Okay. 

 Of course, I found this idea on Pinterest, where we find all the great things in life. And I have to be honest here, I didn't even attempt a tutorial because the one that I found is just about perfect.
You MUST head over to 'Sprinkle Bakes' and take a peek!

I was inspired by her perfect little pink cupcakes and decided to turn it into cake form.

There are so many other themes that you can use this technique with as well. Mermaid Pearls, Under the Sea Bubbles, Rainbow cloud bubbles, Glenda the Good Witch Bubbles...the ideas go on and on.

For my two cakes, I decided on a bubble gum theme where the bubbles looked like you were blowing a bubble gum bubble. ;) I mixed in some pink gumballs as well to give it extra depth.

My Gold cake could easily be used for a Golden Anniversary or, my favorite, a New Years Eve Party!!

 To see this demonstrated live on Studio 5, Click HERE.

Thank you 'Sprinkle Bakes'!! You are fabulous!