Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Personal...

One of my favorite things to do with cake is to personalize it. Taking the time to add personal touches of your loved one into their cake makes them feel special and loved. It doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. It just has to be personal.

This past weekend was my adorable niece's birthday. Even though I had so much to do for Easter and my own daughter's birthday, I still had time to whip up these easy cupcakes and throw some personalized cupcake picks on top. It took me probably 1 1/2 hrs total and I figure that if I don't have that kind of time to make someone feel special, then chances are I'm probably way too busy. 

And when this is the result...It's all worth it. She almost died laughing from the "Huge Face" cupcake pick. It was the favorite of the night.

This is my brother, Mary's daddy. He sure loves her. In fact, every body loves her and with everyone holding, eating, and talking about these cupcakes that were all about her, she sure felt the love that day.

 So cake on everyone! And spread some love through cake this week.