Friday, May 25, 2007

My baby sister...

My little sister Ashley (the youngest girl) graduated this past Tuesday. I am so stinkin' proud of her. She's done so well for herself. She's been accepted to Utah Valley State University and will be attending in the fall which means she will be moving 20 min closer to us! Jacob and I presented her with a genuine set of pearls - because every lady needs a string of pearls! We wish her the best of luck.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My little Garndner

Lizzy and I planted a bunch of little $0.50 flowers that we got from Wal-Mart in our flower bed along with a bunch of ground cover for the shade under our little deck. I also got a small white rose bush to plant in my garden for Mother's Day and then Lizzy picked out what she calls "Candy Cane flowers". They weren't my first choice but she loved them so much I had to get them for her. Here are a couple pictures of our garden. There's also a picture of our vegtable garden in there too that Carrie helped me plant.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Death by Chocolate

Here's the cake I made for my Mom on Mother's Day. I like to call it..."Death by chocolate...and cherries" It's a swiss chocolate cake with a cherry cream center with a semi-sweet chocolate ganoch. I had extra batter so I made these cupcakes too. So yummy! I think I gained about 5 lbs just by looking at this thing!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

R2D2 Cake

Here's the cake I made for my Nephew's Starwars birthday party. Next time I wanna try and make him 3D. All the kidos had a great time. I even made little Jedi costumes for all the kids. Lizzy and Ryan had a ton of fun. Now everytime Ryan sees a picture of R2D2, he yells :"Look Mom! That's the robot cake you made!"

A funny little story...

Funny thing happened yesterday. I took Trevor to the doctors office for a check up and while we were sitting there Lizzy asked me: "Mom, can the Doctor take the bead out of my ear now?" I told her that she didn't have a bead in her ear and that she needed to sit in her seat. She insisted that she did in fact have a bead in her ear and told me that she could feel it. My mind then flashed back to yesterday when I was hurrying to get the house clean so the cub scouts could come over and I remembered her saying something about a bead and something about an ear. In my hurry, I replied, "No, don't put beads in your ears or we will have to go to the doctor's to get it out." She seemed satisfied, so I hurried on. Then my mind flashed back to this morning to where I just thought she was being dramatic when she said "Mom, I don't feel very good because I can't hear very well." I replied by telling her to eat her cereal. (Sometimes she makes excuses so she dosen't have to eat her food.)
Something told me to just look so I asked the doctor in passing to please check her ear so I wouldn't have to hear about anymore beads in her ear. Low and behold, he ended up fishing out this shiney little bead that I wouldn't have been able to get out at home.
I posted this story to thank my Heavenly Father for helping a scatterbrained mom of three kids and sending me little flashes as if to tell me: LISTEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER! May we all take the time to listen to what our little ones are really saying and to also tell them that we love them.
(Written May 4th)

Gone Fishing

The Tomseth's had a big day of fun this Saturday! We started out going fishing down the street at the Nature park. The kids loved their new princess and spiderman poles along with their new red "fishing chairs" and I loved my new red pole. Then we headed off to a ward ice cream social, topping it off with going out for pizza for dinner. Here's some fun pics.
(Written April 28th)

Yummy Soup!

I just made the best soup ever! It's called "Creamy Squash Soup". Go to and type in "Creamy Squash Soup" in the recipe finder. It's by Paula Deen. I added a bit more stuff to it though to make it my own. I only had about 1 1/2 lbs of butternut squash so I added an acorn squash too. I think butternut might be hard to come by in Cali but you can use bananna or acorn squash or even pumpkin. Squash is squash, right? I added: 1 tsp dried thyme, a couple shakes of Paprika (sorry, I don't measure), a couple pinches of corriander and cumin. ( I would say a couple shakes is probably about 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon. ) Oh, I also added a couple pinches of red pepper flakes. (that really is just a couple of pinches, be careful.) I like the kick. And of course, lots of pepper. It calls for Heavy cream but I substituted it with half & half yo make it more figure-friendly. And if you are vegitarian, you can always use vegtable stock of course. I don't know who is in this family but, just in case you might have vegitarian friends. Leftovers of this makes a great lunch too when you add a side of salad or pepperjack cheese and multi-grain crackers with a slice of tomato on top. It lasts for abot 3-4 days in the fridge but if you have a ton of leftovers, just put it in some mason jars and give it to your neighbors or just cut the recipe in half.Enjoy everyone!

My Little Ry-Guy

Just when I thought Ryan was such a terror, he pulls this on me! This morning, he left his beloved mortorcycle basket lying around and I ended up stepping on it and crushing it to pieces. He runs over, (and I'm thinking "Oh no, he's gonna be so upset.") sees the destroyed basket, picks it up, looks at me, and says "You got hurt Mom?". I just wanted to cry! What a sweetie! He's always looking out for his Mamma. I think he gets that tenderness from his daddy. Have a great day 'yall. (Sorry, Paula Deen is on the T.V. in the background right now.)

(Written April 20, 2007)

The Tomseth Gang

Our family is doing great we finally joined the ranks of the Mormon culture by upgrading to a not-so-mini van. It's a '98 Astro Van. We got it for dirt cheap and love the extra room. (You know us Tomseth's need extra room if we keep growing at this rate!) This way, we have no car payment which is good for any family. Jacob got a new (used) truck for work. It's a '05 chevy Colorado. He loves it and hopefuly his company will start paying for it starting next month. He got a promotion at work and we are so proud of him.Spring is here in Utah and it's beautiful! Blossom trees are everywhere! The kids are having so much fun doing 'spring' things. ie: planting the vegtable and flower garden, getting sod in the back yard, flying kites, and all the fun craft things they get to do in pre-school.
Easter was so great. We had many, many easter egg hunts. 3 to be exact. Thanks to Namma for the Easter package! My mom, brother and sister came up for Easter and we had a ton of fun. We had lots of yummy food and easter egg hunts. We also had an egg pinata that the kids made in pre-school and Ryan and Lizzy had tons of fun whacking that! Trevor just got to watch.
Lizzy is getting smarter every day and absolutly LOVES pre-school. Everytime we have a break in between school days, she asks me when we are going to have school again. She can write her own name, count to 15, identify every letter in the alphabet and copy phrases that she sees on milk cartons, books or anything else that has words on it. I find random papers all over the house of letters that she just jotted down from looking at things.
Ryan is still Ryan. He is FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!!! Yeah! I don't have to buy diapers for him anymore! He is so inquisitive about EVERYTHING and loves to play any sport. We got him a soccer ball and he also has a baseball and bat and loves to go to the common area next to our house and play with Daddy. He is so independent and doesn't always ask to do things. He just gets up and does them himself. I've got to keep an eye on him and make sure he hasn't gotten his shoes on and taken his soccer ball outside or make sure he hasn't gotten hungry and raided the pantry or my fruit bowl. He's such a love and loves to make his little brother laugh.
Trevor is getting bigger all the time. He's eating baby food now so I'm sure he'll just keep growing. He's the happiest, shiniest little boy and loves to interact and smile at anyone that will talk to him. He absolutly adores his older siblings and looks for them everytime he hears their voices.We miss you all so, so much and will see you in July for John's wedding! We love you!Love,The Tomseth Famliy