Tuesday, May 5, 2009


...was SO much fun this year! My mamma came up with my brother the night before and spent the night. That night we colored all of our Easter eggs and hid our easter baskets filled with a carrot for the Easter Bunny. The next morning, Grandma got to see the kids wake up, find their Easter baskets and find all of the eggs out in the yard. At our house, the Easter Bunny always hides the eggs that we color plus plastic eggs filled with candy. The funniest part of the Easter egg hunt was that Trevor would ONLY pick up the plastic eggs because those were the ones with candy in them. Every time he picked one up, he would shake it to make sure it had candy, then put it in his basket. If he didn't hear it rattle, he would throw it back on the ground then move on. After all the fun, we had a super yummy breakfast of bacon, eggs and cinnamon rolls (drool). This year was special because I discovered a new talent of mine. My mom bought the kids a package of baloons with instructions in them on how to make balloon animals. I rocked at this! I made a hat with a bunny on top for lizzy, dogs, dinosaurs, swords, flowers and much more. It was SO stinkin fun.
After that, we got all spruced up in our Easter best (I got the boys THE CUTEST matching shirts - Thanks Papa and Grandma Lingy!) and then we all took a walk to church (it's just across the street). After church it was a mad rush to get Easter dinner done. On the menu was herb-crusted lamb, roasted asparagus, fresh rolls, candied yams, and jello salad. We stuffed ourselves full then bid farewell to my Mom and brotha...and Jacob. He had to drive to WY that night for a business trip. It was a great Easter...until everyone left me. :)

Twilight DVD Release

So my girlfriend and I are the ULTIMATE dorks! We thought it would be fun to head over to Wal-mart for the midnight release of Twilight. When we pulled up, it was about 11:30. There was already a huge line! We were just about to turn around and leave when we spotted our friend sitting right in the front of the line. We asked her how she got there and she said that there was a Blood-Donation Van (get it, blood...vampires?! We thought it was pretty hillarious) out in the parking lot and if you gave blood, then you got to go to the front of the line! Well, my friend is prego but we bolted out there anyway. I gave blood and we convinced them to give her a ticket anyway for being my "moral support". We ran straight to the front of the line with 3 seconds to spare and about 1 minute after we got our 2-disc DVD, they announced over the intercom that they would be selling out of the 2-disc DVD's in about 1 min! We totally scored. I felt like the HUGEST dork because after we got our copies, we went to the back of the store to get some grub (the line was wrapped around the store) and then...get this...people started CHEERING at us when they saw that we had our copies! Wow...I've never felt that dorky in my life. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves until we saw a poor little 12 year old crying and her mom consoling her. We almost gave her our copy...almost. Anyway, it was a fun night.