Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Katie...Guess Who Came to Dinner!

Your bro was kind enough to come all the way up here to give me a few pointers for my website. He's gonna do some tweeking to it to make it look tons better. In return, he got a taco dinner and some cupcakes. We had a great time reminicing about the old days and gossiping about everyone we knew and where they are now. My husband and him even found a lot in common had fun chatting about guy stuff. We had fun going through a bunch of my OLD pics and found a ton of you from 4th year at girls camp, actually. I'll have to scan them and put them up. The only thing missing was you! Wish you were here.

P.S. Everyone, I really have be doing stuff...that's the problem...I've had so many things going on that I really need to journal them but I've just been so dang busy doing all the stuff that I need to journal about! I haven't had a minute to breath, let alone blog about it. Updates from the past couple weeks coming soon...