Monday, July 21, 2008

My Baby is going to School Already!

My sweet little girl had her 1st day of school today! She was beyond excited and I was SO emotional for some reason. I didn't expect to be so emotional but once I entered the classroom and saw Anna, one of my good friends up here, I lost it and she had to console me a bit while I pulled myself together.
Today was orientation and the next 4 days are reserved for testing each individual child so that the teacher can asses them and get an idea of what they need to learn still or if they need to be challenged more.
I'm so excited about this teacher. She is a warm person who, I can tell, really wants to teach these kids all that she can while they are with her. I can see that she really has a genuine concern and love for these kids already.
Last night, I sat contemplating so many things...wondering if I had done all that I could have done while I had my sweet Lizzy home with me. Did I teach her all she needs to know? Does she have good memories of being at home with me? How will she establish herself in her little mini-society? Did I really do my best??... and on and on. Flashbacks of giving birth to her and watching her grow as a little baby kept flashing through my head as I made her pancakes this morning. I still don't know the answers to these questions but I just hope that my best was good enough and pray that Heavenly Father will help me in the rest of my journey as well as hers. She is such an intelligent, funny, loving little girl and I know that her potential is so amazing. I just pray that as I release her out into life, out of my home, that I have given her the foundation that she needs to make the right decisions. She has been blessed with an amazing spirit and I take comfort in that and in the fact that our Heavenly Father loves her and is watching out for her as well.
My heart breaks today for the moments that I won't get back during that precious time that has already past with her but it is quickly repaired by the hope and anticipation of wonderful and bigger moments and memories that are to come...
And can anyone please tell me how we went from this to THIS in such a short amount of time?!!