Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not your typical 'Frozen' Cake!

My sweet little angel girl turned 4 a couple of days ago and like the rest of the 4-year-old population, she is obsessed with the Disney movie 'Frozen'. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, "A FROZEN CAKE!" was the obvious reply. As I scoured Pinterest and Bing for cake inspiration, I saw the same blue-and-white-ice-castle-themed interpretations of the movie. Not that that is bad. I saw some gorgeous and creative cakes. I just wanted to do something a little...different.

Personally, I was OBSESSED with all of the beautiful Scandinavian design, fashion, and scenery in the movie. It HAD to be on this cake. Also, instead of the Ice Castle, I wanted to create the Arendelle Castle. Then it came to me... the Springtime!! It is Springtime after all. 

I wanted to pull in subtle aspects of the movie that only a true fan (like my 4 year old who has seen the movie a million times) would appreciate. Let me take you through them...


The repeating design around the cake is the design on Princess Anna's Winter dress that she buys so that she can search for her sister, Queen Elsa, up in the North Mountain.

The Arendelle Castle:

The Arendelle Castle seemed to fit much better with the "Springtime" theme of the cake. hasn't been done before. :) This was made from Rice Cereal Treats and fondant. I used an impression mat to get the brick texture on the fondant. 

 Elsa and Anna:

For the portraits of Elsa and Anna, I had them printed out on edible paper and adhered them to some fondant disks that I had cut and dried out ahead of time. Then I piped a delicate beaded border around them with royal icing.

"Sven's Antlers"

I just love that adorable reindeer, Sven. I had to represent him somehow. I cut a pair of antlers out of gumpaste using an exacto knife and painted them brown with food coloring. Then I simply added some beautiful fresh flowers (because it needed some floral) from a vase of flowers that I had sitting on the counter from Easter. It was the perfect touch!


Of COURSE I had to represent Olof. But this is a Springtime scene, remember? So I brought in the purple flower that he sniffs a couple of times throughout the movie. I simply cut out the petals using a large leaf cutter and shaped them in a Wilton Forming Tray. Then I painted it purple and added some stamens. The kids pretended to sniff it and quote Olof all night long.

So there it is..."Not your typical" 'Frozen' Cake. Now let's see what YOU come up with!! PLEASE e-mail me your pictures. I would just be so thrilled to see them.

Oh...and here's another something sweet that I just HAD to share with you. My Alice on her birthday enjoying her new clothing rack stocked full of Princess dresses. She's changed 5 billion times already.

I got the idea for this Dress-up-Rack from the blog Dear Lizzy and I couldn't WAIT to do it for my own little Princess. Go HERE to see her MUCH better version. :)