Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Stag Cake

Who doesn't love a stag silhouette, right? Right. Here is the tutorial that was promised for the Winter Stag cake. Its a lot easier than you think but it does take a little bit of time and attention to detail so it does take commitment. You can totally do it. :) I also love this because this is the easy way to do fondant for the beginner. Happy Caking everyone! P.S. How cute would this look in a boy's "Lumber Jack" themed party??

I was so excited to share this cake on Studio 5 so click here to watch the segment:

Start with a crumb-coated cake and measure.

Kneed that fondant so it is nice and soft. 
 Press down flat a bit..
Roll out a circle of fondant for your top...
You can use any circle shape but I like to get a cake cardboard circle that is the exact dimention of my cake from my local cake supply store. If that is not accessible to you, you can do what I did here and just use the closest size possible then I trimmed along the edges with a pair of clean kitchen scissors once the top was on the cake.

 After the top is on, you will roll out a nice, long strip of fondant about 1/8 of an inch thick.
 Use the measurements and cut the length exactly for the length. For the height, I like to cut the height just a 1/4 inch taller so I get that lip. This was a 4" tall cake so I cut it 4 1/4 inches.
 Use a clean yardstick and a pizza cutter to do your cutting. 

 Make sure your cake is wet so that the fondant will stick...
 Wrap it around! It's that easy!

Ready to Paint!

 This is the mixture for your "paint". Don't worry, the Vodka will evaporate so no one will get drunk at your party. :) You want to use at least 1/2 teaspoon of your foodcoloring.
 Mix your Vodka and Food coloring. 
 This is so easy! Just brush it on! It naturally makes that beautiful wood grain. :)
 Just touch up the edges...
 All painted and done!
 Here is what you need for your stag silhouette. I use gumpaste because it drys harder and is easier to cut with the Exacto knife.
 Roll out your Gumpaste...
 Carefully use your template and cut out your cute stag with an Exacto knife. Be careful with the antlers!
 I usually use straight food color with just enough vodka to wet the brush to make it brush on smooth. The alcohol will evaporate so don't worry. :)

Paint with a clean paintbrush that has not been used for any other purpose other than cake decorating.
 Painted and ready to dry overnight.

 Roll out some gumpaste or fondant for your leaves. You can use cutters or use the same technique as the Stag silhouette and print off leaf shapes and cut them out with an Exacto knife.

 Use a veining tool to make the veining detail in your leaves. You can find this at any craft store or even Walmart!

 Lay your leaves over your small rolling pin to give them movement and shape.
 Allow everything to dry overnight.

I painted the leaves with a mixture of luster dust and vodka for that beautiful metallic sheen! You can purchase luster dust at your local cake supply or restaurant supply store. Or you can buy it online.

Simply Place all of your gumpaste accesories on with royal icing and you are DONE!!