Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pupkin Patch Pics

We LOVE Halloween and Fall in Utah! It is my absolute FAVORITE season. I just LOVE the colors, festivities, food and all the baking that goes on. We especially love going to the Pumpkin patch! We got to go twice this year. Once was our family outing (without daddy, he was in New Mexico, I think, on business. He really missed it. He loves going too. We sent him lots of pics, though.) and the other time was with Ryan's pre-school group. They had a blast going in the hay-bale maze and picking out pumpkins.

In this collage: Ryan's pre-schoool group: Logan, Ryan, Chiya, Hallie & Rachel.
After all the Pumkin Patch fun...We got to carve! I think Trevor had the most fun with the seeds...