Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wafer Paper Flowers...and Love notes.

Wafer Paper is just so fun.
It is really making a scene in the cake-world right now and people doing some really beautiful things with it. If you can paper craft, you can do this.
Use any cake-canvas that you want because these pretties will dress it up to the professional level.

I used Valentine's Day as the inspiration for this cake. Nothing says Valentine's like love notes and flowers.
I chose a simple black and white color scheme with a pop of soft pink.

And because this medium creates such beautiful, soft movement, I took inspiration from feathers. Feathers are so on trend right now and I was so excited to use them for this cake that I created for the Thanksgiving Point Wedding Expo. 

Now onto tutorials!!

To make the Heart Love Notes:

Simply cut out a heart shape, then write whatever you want on it with an edible food marker.

Easy, right??

Rose Tutorial:

Really, you can use any template that you find online. Here is the one that I used from the Martha Stewart website:I cut out each petal twice to get a nice full rose.

I want to try this one too!

1. Cut out all of your petals...TWICE if you want a nice, full rose. 

2. Using a Q-tip, rub your choice of luster dust or petal dust around the edges. If you want to color the entire petal, go for it.

This is my absolute new FAVORITE Luster Dust Color:

3. Water is your glue here. Be very sparing with it so that it doesn't completely disintegrate the wafer paper.

4. Lightly brush it on the petal about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom.

5. Start to wrap your first petal around your popsicle stick or skewer.

6. Layer on those petals, baby from smallest to largest. There is no exact science to it.

I actually cut my petals in half to make it easier to place where I wanted them to be.

Keep going...


Now onto the Peony ( My Favorite!)

1. You will need a base for this one. Start with a ball of gumpaste or Fondant. Place a lolipop stick into the ball and dry overnight.

2. Again with the luster dust...


And there you have it. There are so many possibilities. Have FUN!

Coloring Wafer Paper:

Here is a great link on how to color Wafer Paper. This blogger does a great job of being very thorough.

Happy Caking!