Monday, June 29, 2009

Jacob hit the BIG 3-0!!!!

Yup, Jacob is finally 30! He said that he actually really felt this birthday. He had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he is no longer in his 20's. :) I got him a GPS system, made him a cake and threw him a suprise B-Day party with a ton of our closest friends. The party was a TON of fun. We had a Luau theme. I made pulled pork sandwiches, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, watermellon, pineapple, ect. Of course, no Luau is complete without a proper "Roast"...comedy central style, that is! A bunch of our friends prepared "Roast" speeches to give to the old geezer. We were dying laughing. Then we had a special preformance from one of Jacob's closest friends, Rich. I asked him to sing "Brett, you've got it going on" from Fight of the Concohrds (You Tube it!!) know, to make him feel better about turning 30. :) Except, of course he changed the name from Brett to Jacob. It was hillarious! He's from Australia so his accent made it even better! (Flight of the Concohrds are from New Zeland) Rich even went the extra mile and sang a second 'Flight of the Conchords' song about how "Jacob and I met". The song was called "The most beautiful girl". SO funny! Then we had an "Explination of the Cake" and all dug into it. (Explination can be found on I had even made a poster listing random facts, headlines and cost of living from WAY back in 1979 and posted it on the fence. :) Jacob loves random trivia. :) After that, we all headed down to the basement to watch the hillarious video that my friend, Phil helped me put together. It was basically a "Dateline Special Report" of Jacob's life...with some fiction added in. :) What a fun night. Thank you to everyone who came and a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped out! Happy Birthday honey! I love you more than anything!