Monday, April 18, 2011

Soft Vintage Pink and White 1st Birthday Party

We had a WONDERFUL time! We ate lots of cake..

{To see the Birthday Girl's 1st Birthday photo shoot, complete with smash cake, go here.}

...and Cupcakes... ...We sang Happy Songs... ...opened lots of fun presents... ...played with our friends...

...had some belly laughs...

... and read pretty books. {Just LOOK at that little pointer finger!}

The Dessert Table.

I really wanted to do an "Amy Atlas" inspired dessert table. { PLEASE don't compare my work to hers. She is AMAZING.) I just LOVE her work! While I am not a fan of contemporary design, I love her clean, symetrical, repetitive lines. She does a wonderful job of softening her contemporary lines and making a theme look fantastic. I went for a very soft, very feminine, vintage style with a tiny modern twist on it in a pallate of pinks, whites and creams.
Most of this wonderful serving-ware is from the thrift store! I think I REALLY lucked out that day and found some great pieces!

Great tissue Pom-pom tutorial from Martha Stewart here.

Party Favors {Ali's "kisses"}

These were strung on a White picture frame. Sorry for the lame picture. ;)

Cookies 'N Cream & Milk Chocolate Hershey Bars that read:

"Alice Rebecca, April 21st, One year filled with pure, SWEET joy."

FANTASTIC paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut the medalions with fancy scissors then took a stamp-pad to the edges.

Super cute marshmallows that I found at Wal-mart (of all places). They were really gross. But they were pretty. ;)


{Recipie here. I just made mine fancy by piping them out of a piping bag with a fancy tip (Wilton 1M) }

Another Cake Stand made from Thrift-Store finds! 6 Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake
w. Whipped Ganache filling {Tutorial here. To make my life easier, I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips instead of chopping my own chocolate.} & Amaretto Swiss Meringue Buttercream {Tutorial here.}I followed this buttercream ruffle tutorial:

My Gumpaste Flower tutorial here.

This Cake Stand was made from two FABULOUS pieces that I found at the Thrift Store!! I think it cost me a total of $2.75.

White Rassberry cupcakes w. edible feathers and "pearls"

{White cake (Box mix!!)w. Rassberry filling {from Orson Gygi's} and Fresh Rassberry American Buttercream

*The 'Pearls' were made by rolling white fondant in a ball, then rolling it around in 'Pearl dust' from Wilton. The 'Feathers' were actually made from rice paper! I found the rice paper at my favorite local kitchen supply store Orson Gygi's. I just cut it into the shape of a feather, then took my scissors and made the slits on the sides.
This Cupcake Stand was made from placing two glass stands from Wal-mart. They were on sale and cost me $9.00 total!

Cupcake wrappers were made from {Grease-proof} paper doilies!! Tutorial here from

Beaded Chandelier tutorial here from Dollar Store Crafts!

For more peeks at the photos hanging here, click here. Beverage dispenser: $6.00 from Wal-mart! Carrot Cake Cake Pops
Tutorial from Bakerell here.
My hubby from Tomseth Construction made this Barnwood flooring that I used as a photo prop in Ali's 1-year Photo Shoot. It was AMAZING in the photos. I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed 4.5 yards of their ruffled material from the spool [instead of making it myslef] and it saved me SO much time.

This lovely cream and sugar set were also a thrift-store find!

{Pssst, here's a secret. I made this Pink Lemonade (Crystal Light!) look extra fancy by adding the lemon slices!}

The nametags just added that extra fancy, put-together touch. ;)

The "Guess how old I am" game. You had to guess which month of her life each of these pics were taken in. Super hard! Lemme tell ya!

We had some wonderful family and friends come up! My brother, Scott and his awesome family came all the way from Payson. Our good friend, Mark ('Uncle Mark' to my kids) drove up from Saratoga Springs, my good friend, Sara and her kidlets came. GUESS WHO else came?!! My In-Laws!! It was such a {WONDERFUL} suprise! They came all the way from Cali JUST for Ali's 1st birthday!! What amazing parents and grandparents. I am so lucky to have them as family. ;) We had a great time eating, talking, laughing, eating and playing.

*A BIG 'Thank-You" to the lovely Jen from for the wonderful Mother's Day spotlight!*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 year Photo shoot

Alice is turning 1!! I can't believe it. I don't {WANT} to believe it.
Let me tell you a little bit about this thing:

She's an absolute {DIVA}.

She will {TELL} you if she doesn't like how you conduct business. ;)

She completely rules the house...and our {HEARTS}.


She is {DOTED} on by all she meets.

She has an infectious, toothless, One-dimpled {SMILE} that brightens up the room.

She {ADORES} her siblings.

{No one can make her giggle like Trevor}

She {LOVES} to {DANCE}. Any time, any place.

Daddy is her {FAVORITE}

She would eat {BANANAS} for every meal if she could.

We have had one year of pure, {SWEET} joy

She is just...{LOVELY}

This is seriously the messiest I could get her! She's such a Miss Priss.

She's learning to walk!

Don't you just LOVE the drool??!

She reeeeealy loved that spoon. ;)

The "Diva" face. It's totally fake...Don't give in.

Right after this shot, she cried because her hands were messy...Told ya. Miss Priss.


My FAV shot.

*A special thank you to my wonderful brother, Scott for recovering these from my corrupted memory card!!

*And a very special thank you to the lovely, amazingly talented, Crystal for not only editing these pictures for me but for putting together this BEAUTIFUL invitation. You are phenomenal. Go to: to see her {BEAUTIFUL} photography!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In Love...

I'm SOOOO making 2 of these?? For what??...I'll think of something. ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

TV Debut

So here is the link to my fancy-schmancy TV debut. ;) I also added pics of the rooms detail in more flattering light than was used with the video in the clip. is the birdcage that they focused on. The lovely milner's head and french cracker jar belonged to my Great-Grandmother Ardis. She was a professional hat maker by trade in the 1930's and the jar was a gift for her wedding in 1928.