Monday, January 28, 2013

Milk Mustache-themed Baby Shower with FREE PRINTABLES!!

I was honored to throw this baby shower for one of my dearest friends. For this "Milk & Mustache" themed baby shower, I decided to do a classic, elegant, almost 1920's vibe style. We had a photo booth (of course), a mustache tattoo station, and a fun mustache game. It kept people entertained and socializing without all of the cheesy baby shower games. :)

Let's start with the cake and desserts, shall we? Of course we shall...

These chocolate covered Oreos were simply store-bought fudge covered Oreos that I added little fondant mustaches to! So easy.

Here's the printable for these "Sip Like a Man" straw tags:

Great... now onto the decor...

So the mustache seat covers..SO easy! I just cut them out of burlap, did one stitch and viola! I made myself a rubber stamp, dipped it in black paint, then stamped away.

Here's a pic of my rubber stamp:
Simply print out your image or font on copy paper, cut it out, then use it as a template to cut out your image on cheap craft foam and glue it to a wooden block! 

I used the same stamp-making method to stamp these letters on this bunting. I'm sure I'll have the whole alphabet soon. ;)

 Now the "Guess that Stache" game! 

Here are the printables: 

I got this large wooden spool by walking into my local electrical supply store and asking if I could buy one. They were actually so kind and they gave it to me for free!

Now the invite. :)

And the tattoo station where you could get a little finger mustache tattoo on your index finger and hold it to your upper lip. It was actually the hit of the party!

Here's even a free printable for you in jpeg form: I adhered mine to a black piece of foam board.

The Photo Booth:

Here is the printable for the "Photo Booth" sign

So, enjoy your printables and go throw your own Milk Mustache Bash!!!


Hi, I'm Tammy Jensen! said...

Sooooo cute! I LOVED it so much I'm going to throw my own stache bash! Thanks for the great printables!

Corey Lyon said...

Do you have the answers to the guess that stache game. I know most of them, but stuck on couple.

benilhalk said...

Amazing baby shower party!! Loved everything about this party from cake to decoration. Desserts seems luscious. Well these days I am looking for ideas on d├ęcor to arrange a party at corporate event venues San Francisco for my office staff and here I have got great ideas.