Monday, March 5, 2012

Ryan's Baptism, Photo Shoot & B-day.

This pic is just to lure you in. The rest of the photo shoot is at the bottom of the post. :)

The kids think its so funny to "Break out" of thier rooms on their birthdays.

Birthday pancakes. After we ate breakfast, we gave him his solar system light globe (he's really been into astronomy lately) then later that day, Daddy took him out shopping for a new DS game and a new x-box game. They went out to lunch then we all had pizza together for dinner, ate birthday cake and he spent the rest of the evening playing his new games. He was in Heaven that Mommy let him have so much video game time.

So here's the story of how Ryan's birthday cake came to be:  Ryan has been drawing a lot lately. Mainly these little aliens and Ninjas. One day, he drew this awesome little alien, cut it out and gave it to me as a gift. I thought it was so stinkin' cool that I asked him if he wanted me to make his birthday cake look just like it. He got really excited and thus his cake was born.  I didn't quite capture the "oval-ness" of the head that I would have liked to but it is what it is. :) 


What a special, special day.

With my Mom. So many wonderful people came. My mom, My brother, Scott and his awesome fam, My cousin, Zel and his lovely family, Our wonderful friends, Mark Brown & his fam. It made it such a special, special day. A special thanks to my niece and nephew, Tiani & Scotty for the beautiful, beautiful musical number and my mom for the special talk on the Holy Ghost.

Namma and Grandpa!! They came so far and went through so much to be here for Ryan's day. It was so fun to have them for the weekend and they helped make it so special! A special thanks for Namma for the lovely talk on baptism and thanks to Grandpa for performing the confirmation.

He was so excited for this day!
The "After Party"

We all headed over to the house for a special celebration after the baptism. You'll have to excuse the lack of good pics due to me rushing around.
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"Chews the Right". {giggle}

Coconut cupcakes. {My personal fav} Another special thank you to my awesome sis, Heather for coming up with these cupcake pics for me since I didn't have my computer.

Suprisingly enough, the popcorn was the hit of the party and went SO fast.

White Chocolate dipped Oreos. I cut the fondant "Temples" out by hand using a template that I made.

Sorry this pic is so awful due to the backlighting. :(

A better view of the paper and tissue paper fans.

Playing with Namma's phone...and cars of course.

It didn't take too long for Ali to warm up to Grandpa. :)


AND she made me this BEAUTIFUL collage that I could display at his baptism.

So, so handsome. I can't even stand it!

So I realize that this picture is actually in the collage but I wanted you to see a close-up. The picture that he is holding is actually a picture of Jacob when he was on his LDA mission in Thailand.  I suprised Jake with this pic and he actually got a little choked up. :) So sweet.

Yup. That's my sweet, silly Ryan.


everyday katie said...

My oldest turns 8 soon. This gives me some great ideas. HE's adorable. And that cake is fantastic!

everyday katie said...

My oldest turns 8 soon. This gives me some great ideas. HE's adorable. And that cake is fantastic!

Aubrey Leong said...

Love it all!!

Sheryl said...

Oh my goodness....I mean Greatness!! You are the best mom at making your kids feel special! I am overwhelmed when I peek at your life and all you do to be the Wife and mother and Woman of God that you are.. ....Your SON!! Gorgeous, special, light in the eyes kind of kid! congratulations Ryan!! Blessed!

Heidi said...

You sure know whow to throw a party & make PERFECT cakes! Love it all! You amaze me!

Susan said...

Bethany! How do you fit so much talent into that tiny body of yours!!! What an amazing person you are. When I have kids and they decided to get baptized, I'm going to you for help with EVERYTHING!

Veronica and Johnnie said...

Ryan is so handsome and YOU my darling sister are one AMAZING MOMMY!

Loralee said...

Hi Betheny,

I love your blog. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with a cake for our upcoming Babiekins Magazine shoot. I don't have an email address for you, so I apologize for contacting you through your comments section! Email me at if it would be something you would be interested in!


Sandra Miller said...

Love the Baptism Invitation. Where did you get it done? My daughter turns 8 in a couple of months and I'll love to order something similar.