Friday, December 14, 2007

I've been waiting for this day...

I suppose every mother waits for the day that her little girl will want to be just like mommy and get into her make-up. I actually doubted this day would come only for the fact that my Lizzy is an angel and never really does anything really naughty. happened and it couldn't have been more funny! I was calling her name because I hadn't seen her in a while and she didn't answer like she usually does. I started to look around for her and couldn't find her. I finally went into my room to check the bathroom and I saw the light on in the bathroom and scurrying going on under the door. I opened the door to find my sweet little Lizzy franticaly wiping her face with a huge wad of wet toilet paper desperatley trying to remove the make-up before I found her. She looked up at me (very dissapointed in herself) and said "Mom, can you help me get it off?" To hide my rolls of laughter I covered my mouth as to look horrified instead of completley amused. I told her that she needed to go on a little time-out first and then I would help her wash her face. (Only because my bathroom was a lipstick-covered disaster!) So...Lizzy had to do the walk of shame to the time-out spot. I felt bad because she was so embarrassed. Her Namma and Grandpa were there and she couln't be more humiliated. Of course Grandma was shooting off pictures and Grandpa was trying not to laugh. We then washed her face and she proclaimed to me: "Mom, I never want to wear make-up again!" I told her she was beautiful just the way she was and that when she got older, I would teach her how to wear make-up. Oh the joys of being a mother....:)

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everyday katie said...

I love when kids are a little naughty. Not naughty like they hit their brothers or take toys away, but that kind of curious naughty. I don't like the mess I have to clean up afterward, but it's almost always funny, and they almost always seem to learn from it. You just wonder what's going on in their cute little heads.

By the way, Lizzy is a really pretty girl...even with a painted face.