Thursday, March 13, 2008

So greatful!

I am so grateful for the promptings and "coincidences" that come across our lives quite frequently as mothers. Let me explain one in particular:

We are all sick with colds at my big deal, right? Trevor's cough was especially bad though. I thought of it as "just a cold" and thought that there was no need in taking him to the doctor because they don't do anything for colds anyway. But for some reason, I was inclined to make an appointment anyway...I don't know why. I was about to cancel the appointment when Ryan had mentioned that his ear hurt. He had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago and was completely done with his antibiotics by now. I looked in his ear with my otoscope and saw that his ear drum had ruptured. So I changed the appointment for Ryan instead of Trevor. Luckily, I have an amazing Pediatrician and he always peeks at all of my kids when I take one in. (It is for this reason that I made him a birthday cake for his birthday. He has the same birthday as Ryan.) He confirmed that Ryan had, in fact, ruptured his ear drum and assured me that it should heal on its own but that he had to take another round of antibiotics if it didn't lessen in redness within two days time.
I mentioned that Trevor was miserable (I've never seen Trevor this sick) so he took a listen to his lungs. He informed me that Trevor had pneumonia and and he was to immediately be put on two different types of antibiotics as well as an infant's pro-biotic (kind of like to goodness that yogurt has to offer but much stronger.) with instructions to bring him back in two to three days if he is not remarkably better. Had we not caught that, he could be in serious trouble. After one dose of his antibiotics, he seems to be a completely renewed Trevor. I am so grateful for modern medicine, "coincidences" and a great pediatrician. We are so blessed!