Thursday, December 13, 2007

Horray for Me!!

Okay, I had to give myself props this morning for FINALLY getting my butt back on my treadmill. I haven't been on it in WEEKS due to being busy, the holidays and, well, I was just being lazy, really. It felt fantastic! Vollyball is tonight so I get double points. (Every Thursday, my friends and I break into the church and have a hillarious game of Vollyball) I had gained a couple "I-miss-Jacob" pounds from when he was on his buisness trip for a couple weeks. I have a love hate relationship with Bryers Black Rasberry-Chocolate ice cream by the way... SO good and SO bad at the same time. Actually, I've already lost about 2 lbs in just 4 days! I guess thats what happens when you stop sitting on your butt at night watching cooking shows and eating mounds of ice cream. Funny how that works huh... I swear that's the trick to ANY weight loss: STOP EATING THREE HOURS BEFORE BEDTIME. I'm back to my old self, eating healthy again and it feels great! All that sugar was wiggin' out my system.

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everyday katie said...

Way to go! I don't know what it is about baby number three, but it seems impossible to get going again. I am now in week number four of a healthy living competition with some of my family and friends so I'm highly committed to exercise and good eating habits. But if it weren't for this, I'd, too, probably be up late eating junk.