Monday, February 10, 2014

Portal Cake...and a photo shoot. :)

This is a fun, easy cake that I did for my son's 10th birthday. Well, the chocolate cake was easy, the cube took me an hour. :) Apparently, there is a video game called "Portal"?? It's a thinking, maze-type game. The cake is iconic in the game and the little "cube" thingy is evidently called a "Companion Cube" (made out of Rice Krispy treats)

We have this tradition in our family where we start chanting: "Bite the Cake!" after "Happy Birthday" is sung...You usually get your face smashed into the cake. :) ...Sometimes it gets a little out of hand...

It's a good thing that Ryan is a good sport. :)
Here are some pics from the impromptu photo shoot that we snuck in amidst the celebrating. :)

This boy...this boy so cool. Kids are just drawn to him (the girls as well as the boys . He loves soccer and science and Legos. He is even in an after school science club. He is dying to start gymnastics. He is so easy going and friendly & just easy to be around. He is kind and sensitive. He has a Valiant, tender heart that is drawn to the truth. He is going to do great things. 

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Susan Bergreen said...

You are AWESOME! I love the cake and what a little heartbreaker you are raising! xoxo