Friday, June 21, 2013

Lips and Mustaches Bridal Shower

Lips & Mustaches...

My baby sissy is getting married!!! Isn't she stunning?! I mean, really. Taking their engagement pics was so fun.  They were a blast. :)

I was honored (and so stinkin' excited!) to be able to throw a bridal shower for her. Between the photo booth, games, and the Italian Soda Bar, fun was had by all. 

 The Cake...we always start with the cake. ;) Houndstooth just seemed to be perfect for this "Lips & Mustaches" theme. This cake was so, so simple. Just a quick coat of fondant (it totally doesn't even have to be perfect) then slap on some Wilton sugar sheets that you can find at Walmart or any of your local craft stores that carry cake decorating items. Trim off the excess and you are done! Does it get any easier? I say that it does not. :) Add a ribbon and a topper and you are a Rock Star. 
Italian Soda Bar!! Always so fun for conversation.'s kinda delicious.

I adorable does that look? The drink is gorgeous all by itself but slap on some custom stickers and it pumps it up to the next level. 
 The dessert table. I went simple this time. 3 different kinds of popcorn and cake. These frames were from Hobby Lobby and they were the inspiration for this theme. The groom is obsessed with mustaches and the bride is obsessed with make-up and pretty things. A match made in heaven.

 Chalk-board fans do double duty. They were used for writing our answers for the "Almost Newly Wed" game and they kept us cool in the summer heat.

Sister's new Mother in law. She is a sweetheart!

Nothing is funner than a photo booth. All kinds of fun happens when you put someone in front of a camera with a bunch of props. 

 SISTERS!! They are what make the world go 'round. :)

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Unknown said...

How did you make the Italian Soda Bar stand? Pallets?