Friday, March 27, 2009

Today is a good day...

I know that I still have so much catching up to do since December but I had to post this today:

Today is a good day...and it's only 9:45! Here are the reasons why:
1. I made some fantastic berry-oatmeal pancakes (so easy!)
2. Lizzy officially declared her Tomseth liniage by actually saying the words : "I have a better idea" out loud.

3. Trevor actually RAN to the potty all by himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been taking his diaper off for the past 2 days (since we are finally putting in concrete flooring in soon!) and he is finally "Getting It". I had also been denying him access to the bathroom since he could open door for two reasons: 1. He destroys it. 2. The initial reason that he started wanting to go to the bathroom was because he would do anything just to be able to get into the bathroom like his brother and sister get to do. Turns out, once I took the child door handle off a couple of days ago, he was glad to run in there. It gave him a sence of independance and was actually much easier to just run in there himself instead of trying to find someone that would open the door for him or waiting for someone to tell him it was time to potty. I guess he doesn't like being told what to do...he totally gets that from me! :) was a good day.

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King Family said...

I would love to come up. My baby is due at the end of April so anytime before or after would be great. I cannot take all the credit for the cake. My neighbor came over and helped me out a ton.