Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ryan turns 4!!

It was my little Ryan's Birthday today but we went out to celebrate yesterday. I made his transformer cake the night before so that we would have the whole day to celebrate. It was a lemon-berry cake with rasberry filling and lemon buttercream underneath a layer of fondant.
We started off the day with the traditional "Blueberry-Banana-Birthday-Pancakes" and many
various versions of "Happy Birthday" were sung in celebration.
We then bundled up to go sleading at the local high school where they have a sweet hill to ride
on. Ryan LOVES sleding.
After that, we took the traditional trip to McDonalds for happy meals.
Then he got to go to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy from his "Grandma and Papa" birthday money. He picked out a transformer...of course. We came home and took a nap, read all the birthday cards that he got in the mail (thanks everyone!) and ordered pizza for dinner.
We sang him "Happy Birthday as a family and of course, he had to "Bite the Cake".
He got a huge walking (and very noisy) robot that he can't get enough of.
We stuffed ourselfs full of ice cream and cake and slept well that night. Happy Birthday Ry-Man! We love you!
P.S. Here's a little dance for you, Grandma! Thanks for the musical birthday card!


Veronica and Johnnie said...


Sorry I didn't get a card out in time. I hope that you had a very fun day. Love you!!

Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Ronnie

Sundbergs said...

Happy Birthday. How cute is he. Sounds like a great day. Great cake too. I tagged you. No obligation. It is a cute one.

Crystal said...

Ryan!! Happy Birthday...We love you and it looks like you had so much fun! I bet your teeth are gunna be blck for a week with that frosting on your cake!!

Shalece said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! The cake is awesome, sounds like a fun birthday. Ryan is lucky to have such a great mommy. :)

Tolley Family said...

Happy Belated birthday Ryan! How cool was that cake? It sounded so goo. It looks like he had a great birthday! :)

everyday katie said...

My crazies got the Letter Factory for Valentine's Day. After watching it once, my oldest knows the majority of the sounds that letters make. He already knew his letters, but not their sounds. My 2 year old has picked up quite a bit, too. They have been running around singing "the E says EH" etc all day. It's very clever. I love the things they use to introduce the sounds. And I'm a huge believer that music is one of the best teachers.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Johnson said...

So cute Bethany. Love the cake. Happy birthday Ryan.