Thursday, November 1, 2007


Introducing: the CUTEST little Pirate, "Cake Baker like Mommy", and Skunk that you'll EVER see! Oh, and I totally rocked a totally radical LA Gear jacket complete with LA Gear shoes and stonewashed jean skirt. Of course I had some super 80's earings and the double socks as well. I was an 80's cliche. Jacob was a "Really bad super-hero". (Which means he dug through the costume box 15 min. before we had to leave). We hit a halloween party then took the kidos trick-or-treating. I've never seen Ryan run that fast! He's usually my doddler but not last night! As long as people are giving out candy, he's there! Lizzy did a good job of making sure that Ryan didn't go to any of the "houses without lights on." and also made sure that he always said "Thank-You." They had a blast and got WAY too much candy. Little tip: go when the trick-or-treaters are winding down because people REALLY want to get rid of their candy so they dump it all out in the buckets at the end. Hope you all had safe and fun Halloween!


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