Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A funny little story...

Funny thing happened yesterday. I took Trevor to the doctors office for a check up and while we were sitting there Lizzy asked me: "Mom, can the Doctor take the bead out of my ear now?" I told her that she didn't have a bead in her ear and that she needed to sit in her seat. She insisted that she did in fact have a bead in her ear and told me that she could feel it. My mind then flashed back to yesterday when I was hurrying to get the house clean so the cub scouts could come over and I remembered her saying something about a bead and something about an ear. In my hurry, I replied, "No, don't put beads in your ears or we will have to go to the doctor's to get it out." She seemed satisfied, so I hurried on. Then my mind flashed back to this morning to where I just thought she was being dramatic when she said "Mom, I don't feel very good because I can't hear very well." I replied by telling her to eat her cereal. (Sometimes she makes excuses so she dosen't have to eat her food.)
Something told me to just look so I asked the doctor in passing to please check her ear so I wouldn't have to hear about anymore beads in her ear. Low and behold, he ended up fishing out this shiney little bead that I wouldn't have been able to get out at home.
I posted this story to thank my Heavenly Father for helping a scatterbrained mom of three kids and sending me little flashes as if to tell me: LISTEN TO YOUR DAUGHTER! May we all take the time to listen to what our little ones are really saying and to also tell them that we love them.
(Written May 4th)

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Johnson said...

That is a cute story. She is so calm and collected it seems. I had no idea you had a cake business. You crack me up bc there is always something new I learn about you every I talk to you or read your e-mails, this case your blog. Is there anything you can't do??? Your family is adorable. Hope things are well in Utah.